Black Gazzew Boba U4T


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Factory assembled Boba U4T Tactile Switches.  Sold in packs of 10.

*PLEAST NOTE*  Images are of white housings these will be black housing Boba U4T with Korean stainless steel springs.  Factory donut dipped springs and the same lube as in the discontinued white housings.  Color does not effect performance you can expect the same results and sound.  Made on the same molds and with the same plastics with a different color and the same springs you will find in white Bobas.

I recommend trying Gazzew Springs if the weight you are looking for is not in stock.  Gazzew springs are a nice improvement over the stock springs and increase snappiness and the pronouncement of the tactile event

If you disassemble your switches please watch this video on the correct assembly procedure to prevent damaging the leaf and causing inconsistent tactility.