Durock V2 Lubed & Holee Modded Stabilizers. (4 x 2u & 1 x 6.25u or 7u)


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Limited numbers added when time allows.

Lubed and holee modded Durock V2 stabilizers.  Don't want the hassle of lubing and modding your stabilizers yourself?  I offer them already lubed and modded.  They are modded with Band-Aid brand fabric bandaids and lubed with Gazzew's Blend #7 krytox based PTFE based lube blend.  Includes 4 2u stabs and your choice of 1 6.25u or 7u stabilizer.  Comes preassembled and includes screws & washers. (Please Note: The stabilizers may need to be wiped of excess lube that gets on the wire or stabilizer housings during shipping)