About Me

I got into Mechanical Keyboards from a random suggested post on reddit.  It didn’t take long after looking at all the amazing boards before I had to build one myself.  I immediately fell in love with the hobby and found the rabbit hole we all know so well.  

I was already streaming video games on twitch as a hobby streaming keyboards was a natural evolution of my channel. I would build boards during streams on twitch and make sound tests for YouTube. During this time, I happened to reach out to Gazzew to purchase some switches. One thing led to another, and he asked me if I’d be willing to make some YouTube tutorials.

After I made the first few videos, Gazzew gave me the go-ahead to sell these on reddit. The reception was incredible, and I quickly sold out. Next thing I knew, I was taking orders for hand lubed boba switches on mechmarket with custom variations not found in the factory assembled switches.

Before long I was getting home from my day job working in a kitchen, streaming a couple hours of gaming on twitch then lubing switches until 4AM. Initially I had planned to start a vendor site at the start of 2022. When I mentioned my plans to Gazzew he asked me what I was waiting for and suggested that I do it immediately.

Within a couple hours I had the site purchased and was putting together my shop. And that’s pretty much the story of how KirballsKeys.com was born.

 Feel free to come hang out in a stream and talk keebs.  I love to see new people in the stream and would love to see you there.  https://www.twitch.tv/kirball  I do a keyboard stream every Wednesday night starting at 10PM Eastern Time(USA), and other random gaming streams when the mood strikes me.  

Contact and more socials are listed at https://kirballskeys.com/contact-us/.