Elite-C V4 - USB-C - Pro Micro Replacement

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* Compatible with all Pro Micro-based PCBs

* USB-C port that can’t be ripped off (tried to rip the port off, but couldn’t)

* ATmega32u4 controller

* DFU bootloader, because everyone know the Caterina bootloader is poo

* 6 additional ATmega32u4 pins broken out (F0, F1, C7, D5, B7, and B0)

* USB pins broken out

* On-board reset button (you can still use the reset button on the keyboard PCB if it has one)

* 1.0mm thick PCB for slimmer profile (don’t worry, it’s still very solid and doesn’t flex)

* Comes with two 12-pin headers and one 5-pin header

* Total of 24 I/O pins to work with (6 more than the Pro Micro)

PLEASE NOTE: The only difference between A-Stock & B-Stock is the PCB thickness.  Everything else is the same.

It's recommended to socket the microcontroller with sockets that are available here