Murphpad Acrylic Case Created by ShandonCodes

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Introducing a case for the MurphPad kit from Mechwild designed by ShandonCodes. This case uses the PCB from the standard kit, but uses a custom plate so you may need to desolder your kit if you are using the plate from the standard kit.

  • 8 laser cut acrylic layers (clear)
  • ~1.5mm acrylic switch plate (choice of white, black, or clear)
  • The case features a ~5° typing angle with the feet.
  • Photos show an all clear edition and a black plate edition (with these caps)

General Case Info:

  • This kit only includes the case and case hardware. All other components (like the Murphpad PCB) must be purchased from vendors like Mechwild
  • Please contact us if you have compatibility questions or concerns.