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Krytox 205 grade 0 is a lubricant used for making mechanical keyboard switches buttery smooth.  This lubricant is treated as a semifluid grease for precise application. Krytox 205 is a medium-thick mixture and is thicker than 3204. 205 is a non-migrating grade 0 grease safe to use with all types of switches.  Apply as you normally would any other switch lubricant using a paintbrush, applicator wand, or other similar instrument.

Returns are not accepted as there is no way to prove that it was not tampered with or improperly stored.

Lubricant is not able to be cleaned with soap and water or most solvents.  It is recommended that lubrication is done over a spill proof work area such as drop-plastic.  Clean any spills with a microfiber cloth and use care when making use of this lubricant.